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Find workwear perfectly suited to you and your work. AJS range includes everything from workwear to safety footwear and accessories. View the categories on to find advice and guidance, or to get inspiration from photos of construction, industry and other sectors. 
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Workwear for all industries - use the links to the right and contact us if there is anything else you need. Enjoy!

Work clothes

You can find great workwear, safety shoes or accessories in AJS wide assortment. In many years, AJS has delivered safety clothing, footwear and workwear to diverse professions and companies. 

Our assortment addresses the professional craftsman and people working within service, transport and the industry sector. With the right workwear from AJS, you can feel comfortable in your job. 

Experience our wide selection of workwear, safety workwear, safety footwear and accessories. AJS offers the best products with focus on comfort, fit, quality and design. We produce our products from the slogan Tested to work. You will not find a pair of trousers, a jacket, a pair of safety shoes or other products, which have not been tested several times. We test in the laboratory, send products to be tested by the end-users, perform quality controls and much more when we choose fabrics for our workwear and safety workwear. Right away, you can feel that AJS workwear, safety workwear and safety shoes are Tested to work.

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